Aurora Satellite System

Pacific Dataport is working to provide ubiquitous broadband capacity for all of Alaska. The primary mission is to procure, launch, and operate a Ka-band high throughput satellite (HTS) system that is designed to provide lower cost and higher capacity broadband internet over the entire Alaskan landmass.



The core business opportunity focuses on:


  • Gigabit satellite capacity for carrier and ISP transport service in Alaska
  • Backup and full-time IP data service for businesses, organizations, schools, and government operations. This includes distance learning, telemedicine, training, and internal communications
  • Direct-to-home broadband service to consumers in Alaska 


Pacific Dataport is seeking to improve the availability of business communications and the quality of life in rural Alaska. The means to achieve this mission is chiefly technical and involves efficiently providing satellite-delivered services to Alaska. The business vision of Pacific Dataport is to be a premier provider of broadband service to rural Alaska at competitive prices.



Pacific Dataport has the unique opportunity to provide incredible change within a market that is both underserved and neglected. Technology has given us a set of tools to build an effective solution to serving rural Alaska with a broadband bridge to the world. It can be the catalyst for improving life in rural Alaska and bring new business opportunities as well as new job opportunities to all Alaskans. Pacific Dataport's broadband product will play an integral role in the development of emerging economies and internet based businesses in every village and community throughout Alaska.


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