About Us

Pacific Dataport is a satellite communications company formed by Alaskans for Alaskans through a strong interest and investment by Microcom, Space Partnership International, and others. Pacific Dataport is looking to help bridge the digital divide here at home. There are very few places in the world now with internet service as poor as Alaska and this should not be the case. The fact that Alaska is being left out has presented a great opportunity for our company to not only provide ubiquitous broadband coverage to Alaska but also bring back a competitive landscape and better products that will be a benefit to all. The future of Alaska, especially rural Alaska, depends on access to reliable internet service and Pacific Dataport is ready to make it happen. 


Pacific Dataport is built on Microcom's strong history and knowledge of satellite communications in rural Alaska as well as Space Partnership International's experience designing and developing satellite systems. Pacific Dataport looks forward to continuing Microcom's legacy of being the first to bring new and innovative communications technology to Alaska. Another FIRST is coming soon!


Microcom has 39 years of satellite projects to proudly look back on in Alaska and around the world.

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