Our Team

Sandra Blinstrubas

President and Founder

Sandra Blinstrubas is President of Microcom and has held this position since joining the company in 1988.  She has travelled extensively throughout rural Alaska working with dozens of communities and local native corporations.


Ms. Blinstrubas enjoys travelling in rural Alaska, learning about the people and culture of the great state and bringing new technology to rural communities.


Ms. Blinstrubas grew the Microcom business during the 1990’s by adding the distribution division, expanding commercial sales and opening of the company’s first office in Hawaii.


Today, as the President and CEO Ms. Blinstrubas directly oversees both administration and operations. She also holds the position of founding President and CEO of Pacific Dataport Inc.

Chuck Schumann

Vice President and Founder

Chuck Schumann is the Executive Vice President of Microcom and a founder of Pacific Dataport Inc.  As EVP, he has over 35 years of experience in the satellite communications industry in Alaska. Mr. Schumann led Microcom to grow into building networks and as a  distributor of satellite communication equipment and retailer of DBS and broadband DTH systems. 


Mr. Schumann has been responsible for many “firsts” in satellite communications in Alaska. He brought real-time television to Alaska with the first 24-hour satellite reception facility for the ABC affiliate station in Anchorage, the first Ku-band business communications network (Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.), and pioneered and rolled out the direct-to-consumer satellite services in Alaska to name a few.  

Tom Brady

Chief Technical Officer and Founder

Tom Brady joined Microcom in 1994 after retiring from the US Air Force. As Chief Technology Officer he was responsible for overseeing the company’s international operations in Russia for several years and specifically the joint venture operaton on Sakhalin Island. In addition, Mr. Brady took on the technology leadership role for the Alaska operation. His primary role includes management of the technical work force, overseeing commercial satellite service installations, and the development of new business ventures in wireless systems and data services for the company.


Prior to joining Microcom, Mr. Brady spent 22 years on active duty in the Air Force. He managed telecommunications and computing systems installation, operation, and maintenance.

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