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July 1, 2020

Pacific Dataport, Inc. (PDI) announces it has signed agreements to begin

construction of the Aurora 4A earth station gateway in Eagle Mountain, Utah.


June 29, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently accepting applications for 2.5 GHz Tribal Spectrum until August 3, 2020. Acquiring spectrum rights allows a rural community or Tribal organization to deploy cellular 3G/4G LTE or a community Wi-Fi zone.


June 29, 2020

Pacific Dataport Inc. (PDI) announced their satellite manufacturer, Astranis,

has reached a major milestone in its path to offering Alaska low-cost broadband internet service from a new generation of satellites called “high-throughput satellite” or HTS satellites.

Astranis Hits Testing Milestone for MicroGEO Satellites

Rachel Jewett

Via Satellite

June 18, 2020


Astranis has reached a testing milestone that it said is a major step in its path to offering low-cost broadband internet service from microsatellites in Geostationary Orbit (GEO). The company announced Thursday that it successfully concluded thermal-vacuum testing of a qualification vehicle developed for its MicroGEO product line. The test validates the technology’s ability to operate in the harsh environment of space. 

Past News

Internet Startup Astranis Selects SpaceX To Launch Its First Commercial Satellite

Alex Knapp


August 26, 2019


Astranis, the San Francisco-based satellite internet startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator and other Silicon Valley venture capitalists, announced Monday that SpaceX will launch the company’s first commercial satellite in the fourth quarter of 2020.

New space data center under construction in Mat-Su

Tim Bradner

Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman 

August 23, 2019


A new $5 million space data center is under construction near Talkeetna with the first phase expected to be operational by the end of 2019. The developer is Anchorage-based Microcom, a 35-year-old Alaska telecommunications service company.

New satellite will provide internet and broadband service throughout Alaska

Tim Bradner

Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman 

January 16, 2019

An Anchorage-based company plans to launch a new-technology telecommunications satellite that will give coverage for internet and broadband service across the state for the first time, and could also cut costs in rural Alaska to as low as one third to one fourth of what is now being paid.

Microcom founder launches new satellite broadband project

Elwood Brehmer
Alaska Journal of Commerce
January 16, 2019

If everything goes according to Chuck Schumann’s plans it will soon be easier to do everything from providing health care to running an oil field to streaming a favorite movie in rural Alaska.

Astranis and Pacific Dataport team up on satellite broadband access for Alaska

Alan Boyle 


January 16, 2019

Astranis Space Technologies says it has struck a deal with Alaska’s Pacific Dataport Inc. to provide America’s northernmost state with three times as much satellite data bandwidth as it has today, via its first satellite in geostationary orbit.

Astranis lands anchor customer for its first small GEO satellite                    

Caleb Henry


January 16, 2019

WASHINGTON — Astranis, a startup designing small geostationary satellites for internet connectivity, has signed an Alaskan telecommunications provider as its first customer.

20% Of Alaskans Don’t Have Access To Broadband Internet. This Satellite Startup Aims To Change That.

Alex Knapp


January 16, 2019

Internet satellite startup Astranis, which aims to deliver cost-effective high-speed internet to underserved markets, announced Wednesday that it has signed an exclusive agreement to provide satellite bandwidth to Alaska-based internet provider Pacific Dataport.

Startup Signs Deal For Dedicated Alaska Broadband Satellite                                             

Irene Klotz


January 16, 2019

CAPE CANAVERAL—San Francisco-based startup Astranis Space Technologies has signed a seven-year contract with Alaska’s Pacific Dataport to provide broadband communications service to Alaska via a single, 660-lb. (300 kg) small satellite in geostationary orbit ...

New satellites set to bring internet to more of rural Alaska by 2020                      

Dave Goldman


January 17, 2019

More of Alaska may be able to connect to the internet by next year following an agreement between Pacific Dataport, an Alaska communications company, and Astranis, a start-up satellite technology firm.

Astranis, Pacific Dataport to ‘bridge Alaska’s digital divide’                        

Staff Reporter

Advanced Television

January 17, 2019

Astranis Space Technologies, building the next generation of telecommunications satellites to bring the world online, and Pacific Dataport (PDI), a company created for Alaskans by Alaskans to bridge the state’s digital divide, have announced a signed agreement and commercial partnership ...

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